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I can understand deleting the text from my posts when it’s a buncha boring glitch theory or one of my silly “titles”, but why ya gonna delete a link to the high resolution version? O.o
Not even mad just saying it’s weird

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LOVE THIS BLOG. So trippy, so dope. Great work

Thanks so much :D. Hope you and all my kind fans have a great day (as great as a Monday CAN be anyway!)

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Pokemon glitch art for your dash

squidward is not a pokeyman

Look, you don’t have to like my glitch art, it’s not for everybody. But I think I know a pokeman when I see one

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I’m not ignoring you! <3

It’s come to my attention that some of the questions I’ve been answering via the “answer privately” button (to avoid cluttering my dash with asks) have not been received for whatever reason :(. If you’ve sent me an ask in the past and I haven’t responded please know that I didn’t intentionally ignore you! If you have any questions I’d suggest either emailing me ( letsglitchit@yahoo.com ) or try using the “send fan mail” feature, that seems to be more reliable for some reason.

Have a glitchy day

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