Lets Glitch It!

*Seizure Warning* All original glitch art. Possibly some triggering things, let me know if you'd like me to tag anything. Usually tag disturbing things with "creepy" Trippy, vaporwave, radical, creepy, cyberpunk, humor. Anime. Pop culture.  Please reblog responsibly, use a "GIF" or "seizure" tag. Do not use "epilepsy" or some variation of that. Epileptics don't block that tag. FollowBacks from voltairine-kropotkin.
Pronouns: They/them


Hello This Is Atwood The Demon! I am fairly new on tumblr! DO you any advice for me? (if you don't give me advice I may eat your flesh) P.S. Check out my blog (like I said, I'm new, so it WILL get awesome!)

Step One: Don’t threaten to eat people’s flesh

Step Two: Make cool glitch art?

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I want a cool pixel art avatar :( Do I know any pixel artists? I don’t have any money but I’ll glitch something for you or something?

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